Dr. Atif Shahzad

Joint Director

Dr Atif Shahzad is joint director of the Smart Sensors Lab, University of Galway. He received BSc (honours) in computer engineering from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan, and MSc in electronic engineering from University of Leeds, United Kingdom. He is associated with University of Galway since 2011, starting PhD in microwave imaging for medical applications and has worked as a senior postdoctoral researcher at the Translational Medical Device Lab (Oct 2015 – Feb 2018). His research is focused on sensing and thermal ablation technologies, medical device development, medical signal and image processing, applied electromagnetic, computational modelling, and dielectric spectroscopy.
Dr Shahzad has received over 14 national and international awards, and has contributed to several research grants as principle and co-investigator, worth more than €8 million in past 7 years. He has published more than 60 research articles, contributed to 4 inventions and presented at top international conferences in the field of engineering and medical technologies.